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Custom Made Kitchens – Handcrafted Exclusively for You

LAMINATE – Laminate with architectural design. 16mm laminate doors with 1mm edging. Hundreds of colours and textures available to give you a clean and modern finish.

THERMO LAMINATED VINYL – Thermo Laminated Vinyl doors and panels in 18mm moisture resistant MDF formed on the face and edges with durable and decorative surfaces. Gives you clean lines and the look of polyurethane paint finish at a reduced cost. Hard wearing and can be used in all styles of kitchens.

POLYURETHANE (Two Pack Paint Finish) – MDF Board is spray painted in unlimited colours and finishes from the Dulux colour range. It is medium hard wearing and is easy to clean.

ALUMINIUM GLASS DOORS – Designer Aluminium glass doors with ultra thin edge available to highlight your new custom made kitchens ,Impact resistant, safe and light weight. For a modern, contemporary look.

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ULTRA GLAZE DOORS & PANELS – Ultra glaze is a high mirror finish surface which is scratch resistant and offers seamless edges.


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